Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random shots of beauty - living on top of the world

These are some impressions of life in the north.

The first short film is a 360 degrees view from the top of mount Gabrielsfjell. You can see all the peaks of the area; Store Blåmannen on Kvaløya, Tromsdalstinden and Hamperokken in Troms, as well as the great peaks of Lyngen alps.

Here are some random shots of hiking the mountains of Troms, Lyngen, and Kvaløya.

The profile of a Saturday afternoon trip to mount Bakerovntinden.

And the last film is from mount Skamtinden on Kvaløya. It's a dramatic peak from which you can gaze into an almost 1000m deep abyss, face the open ocean, and overlook the whole of Kvaløya (whale Island), being able to spot mount Tromsdalstinden in the far back. It was a cloudy day and raining down in the valley. Once we broke through the clouds and came out into the open blue sky it felt like walking on top of the world.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What we do in the far north in late fall

Last sunday the sun came suddenly out and I grabbed the chance to go on one of the probably last trail runs in the mountains around Tromsø. It was the second time I tested my Nathan hydration vest and it performed outstandingly. The two liters of water were plenty for the run and I did not have to take off the vest even once. When I needed some snack I could just snatch it out of the top pocket in the back and the front pockets were great for storing treats and gear.

The air was ice cold and clean, the sky crystal blue and my feet were spinning to the sound of the cracking snow under them. It was a truly great run out in the mountains! Hopefully there will be many more like this.

Here is the track:

And here are some pictures of the trail and the breathtaking landscape.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hiking Mount Tromsdalstinden with a visiting couchsurfer

Last Sunday Anne - a visiting couchsurfer - and me decided to hike Mount Tromsdalstinden ... I had one of my best barefoot hikes ever and Anne brought along her super dog Noodle - a Belgian shepherd - see for yourself!

This is Noodle playing in the snow...

... more fun in the snow ...

We saw a reindeer heard on the way up...

And finally ... the view from the top of mount Tromsdalstinden ...

We were super lucky ... when we left home there were still dark clouds covering the top ... by the time we arrived we had clear skies and the most amazing midnight sun ...

Biking the North-Norwegian mountains

... in winter we ski ... in summer we ... well see for yourself =)

Sonnenfinsternis um Mitternacht

Meine erste Sonnenfinsternis um Mitternacht...

Die Aussicht vom Berg

Wieder zurück an unserer Wohnung